Horizon State | Melbourne AU, Wellington NZ | Full time/Contract | Onsite & Remote.

6 months (Date: 2018-02-09)

Redesigning democracy on the Blockchain.

We want engineers who have a broad set of skills, because you’ll need to be comfortable performing in different areas. You may be coding in the morning, testing someone else’s code before lunch, designing a screen in the afternoon and jumping on a conference call with a customer in the early evening.

We don’t mind what technologies you develop with. We’re not just looking for Java, C#, JS, Solidity, Golang or any other specific language. If you don’t use anything in our stack but make a good case and seem like a great fit — we’ll still consider you.

Apply: instantregret@horizonstate.com

Details: https://medium.com/horizonstate/horizon-state-is-hiring-d0a8...

Company: https://horizonstate.com

Send Email: instantregret@horizonstate.com