WEB APPLICATIONS DEVELOPERKaunas, Lithuania Remote working possible

6 months (Date: 2018-02-12)
up to 42k eur

We are looking for a mid-to-senior level Web applications developer who is interested in developing new products. The successful candidate would develop client facing travel time analysis tools and create an application that can demo the Search API. They would join the product team based in Kaunas alongside three other team members working on these projects.

Skills required

Decent HTML, CSS and Javascript experience Experience with functional programming or Scala Understanding of basic UI/UX design principles React knowledge is a huge plus Experience of working in Scrum/Agile environment is a plus Salary & benefits

The salary is up to €42,000 per year before taxes. In Lithuania this would be around €2,000 per month after taxes.

We also offer employee stock options, gym subscription, remote work with a flexible schedule and any equipment you would need for work. All this is possible if you’re okay to work from 10/11am to 18/19 in GMT+2 and attend daily 11am online standup meetings. We also have team gatherings in Kaunas office up to 3 times a year.

So, you want to apply?

Great! Send us a solution to this task (goo.gl/2Kw5Bj) to zygis@igeolise.com. The solution has to be committed to Bitbucket with read-only access to ‘igeoliseops’. It must be written in Scala and adhere to functional programming principles.

Send Email: zygis@igeolise.com