Render | San Francisco, CA | Software Engineers | Full-time | Visa | Onsite

4 months (Date: 2018-07-02)

When deploying applications in production, developers are forced to pick between two extremes: expensive yet simplistic platforms like Heroku, or complicated, do-it-all-yourself services like AWS. By contrast, Render makes it easy to get up and running quickly but also allows applications to scale and increase in complexity over time, preventing a transition to DIY infrastructure.

Our goal is to completely free up developers and teams from managing infrastructure. This will ultimately improve all software and enable entirely new kinds of applications.

We're building products that abstract over complexity and minimize cognitive overhead for our users. This requires careful thought, high creativity and a deep understanding of application requirements in production. Our stack is React, GraphQL, Go, Kubernetes and Postgres, but we don't require prior experience with any of them. We're looking for people with high integrity, low ego, and an insatiable drive to learn.

We're serving live applications in production and building out our founding engineering and design teams in SF. The company is backed by top venture funds and former CTOs of VMware and Dropbox.

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