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4 months (Date: 2018-07-03)

We are a startup with ~150 members based in Tokyo, focusing on developing AI for Autonomous Driving, Robotics, and Bio-Healthcare. We love open source and are actively developing CuPy and the deep learning framework Chainer:

We have one of the world’s largest private GPU clusters, with 1024 NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs, with 512 V100 32Gb GPUs coming soon. Using our cluster we achieved the world record of training on ImageNet in 15 minutes:

We have a strong emphasis on research, and our technical advisor is Pieter Abbeel (UC Berkeley). Learn more about our research activities here:

So far we have raised over $100 million from Toyota, FANUC, Hakuhodo DYHD, Hitachi, Mizuho Bank, and Mitsui & Co.

We have a western-style working environment with attractive salaries and benefits in the heart of Tokyo. Ability to communicate in either English or Japanese is OK.

We are looking for talented individuals with skills in various areas related to cutting-edge AI applications in many industries. Find out more, and apply for all positions here:

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